Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Hells Angels’ puppet club comes to Halifax, North Sydney

The Gate Keepers’ Halifax clubhouse on Fern Lane
The recent opening of two new Gate Keepers motorcycle club chapters in Nova Scotia is a sign of the Hells Angels’ growing interests in the province, police say. The Gate Keepers, who already had existing chapters on the Eastern Shore and South Shore and in Pictou and Kings counties, have opened shop in North Sydney and Halifax since July.

The North Sydney chapter is located at 58 Tobin St. and the Halifax clubhouse is at 2683 Fern Lane.
“It’s a push by the Hells Angels to expand,” Cpl. Mike Kerr of the combined forces intelligence unit said Friday. “Clearly, they want to show an interest in Halifax.” The building’s owner is listed as LNI Holdings Inc.

The Cape Breton clubhouse is owned by Clarence Michael Blaine Slade. RCMP have previously said they believe the Hells Angels intend to open a chapter in Nova Scotia, something that hasn’t existed since a Halifax clubhouse shut down in 2003.

The storefront of Twisted Needs and Novelties in New Glasgow
There’s been a rapid expansion of the Gate Keepers.

The first Gate Keepers chapter opened in Musquodoboit Harbour in February 2013 and has 18 to 20 members, Cullen said. The second chapter came into existence four months later when Bridgewater’s Darksiders patched over to become Gate Keepers, which now has nine members. A New Glasgow Gate Keepers chapter started with nine members this April.

A chapter with six or seven members opened in Centreville, Kings County, at the end of July.
A support club for the Hells Angels has set up in Stratford, Ontario. The Gate Keepers, who have chapters from southwestern Ontario to the Maritimes, have been in Stratford “for months” and have leased a Downie Street building, police Chief John Bates confirmed.

“They do as directed by the Hells Angels,” he said. “Hells Angels insulate themselves from criminal activity, so they utilize support clubs to conduct that insulation and to basically do the dirty work for them.”

Peterborough police seized an ounce of cocaine on Downie Street Thursday July 3.
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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Shooting at London, Ont HA biker hangout could mean more violence

200 motorcycles drive past the home of Steve Sinclair who was shot and killed Sunday. He was a member of the Gate Keepers motorcycle club in London.
A deadly shooting outside a Hells Angels-affiliated biker hangout in east London could fuel even more gang violence, a leading biker expert warns. Police arrested five people after Steve Sinclair, 49, was gunned down outside a social club in a plaza on Hamilton Road at Gore Road, but have since said none of them was involved in the early-morning Sunday shooting, the city’s sixth homicide of the year.

Sinclair had leased space in the single-storey building to operate a club frequented by members of the Gate Keepers, a support club for the Hells Angels that has chapters in Perth, Elgin and Middlesex counties. He was a member of the Gate Keepers, sources say.
Yves Lavigne, the author of several books on the Hells Angels, said the weekend shooting likely was meant to send a message to the biker gang and its supporters. “There will be more violence,” he predicted, suggesting the Hells Angels will have no choice but to respond to the shooting, or risk losing turf in London, if the slaying was aimed at them. “If they (Hells Angels) don’t back that support gang, they lose face,” he said Monday.

But another source with connections to area bikers, who did not want to be named, said the shooting could have been an inside job, triggered by an internal dispute between the Hells Angels and Sinclair or the Gate Keepers.
The Hells Angels have kept a low profile in London since an outburst of violence and arson in January 2012, during what police then said was a turf war with rival street gangs over the city’s illegal drug trade. Five businesses, some with biker connections, were torched and two people, one of them a full-patch member of the Hells Angels, were shot.