Friday, May 20, 2016

Hells Angels associate Thorsteinson going back to jail in Winnipeg

Ernie Dew
Longtime Hells Angels associate Samuel Stephen Thorsteinson is headed back to jail. Thorsteinson received a two-year-less-a-day conditional sentence last year after being caught with a massive hoard of explosives. Conditions included a curfew and order to abstain from alcohol. He breached both when he got into a late-night car crash in February and had to be cut from the wreckage. Thorsteinson had been drinking.

Thorsteinson was extremely lucky to avoid custody at his sentencing hearing. Police found 45 kilograms of emulsion-based explosives hidden under a trailer on Thorsteinson's five-acre property along with 90 metres of detonator cord.

Crown and defence lawyers struck a deal that spared him the typical prison term, citing a need to protect the identity of an informant. Thorsteinson has a lengthy criminal history dating back to the 1990s, including a 2007 drug-trafficking conviction in which he was caught in a RCMP sting selling cocaine for then Hells Angels president Ernie Dew.
Thorsteinson received a three-year prison sentence and a 10-year weapons prohibition. He now has a lifetime weapons ban.

Samuel Stephen Thorsteinson provided a long and detailed story about needing to destroy 'beaver dams' to protect his 'rice crop' but failed to reveal how and from whom he received the explosives.