Friday, May 13, 2016

Increased monitoring for Normand Robitaille

Normand Robitaille’s ascension within the Hells Angels between 1994 and 2002 revealed he was a very active participant in the conflict that claimed more than 160 lives.

Beginning in 1995, he went from being a member of the Rockers (an underling gang) to becoming a full-patch member of the elite nomads in 1998.
He was arrested in 2001, along with most of the Nomads chapter and the Rockers, in a police crackdown. The investigation, dubbed Operation Springtime 2001, revealed the Nomads chapter generated $111 million in revenue from drug trafficking between March 30, 1999, to Dec. 19, 2000.

Robitaille, now 47, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit murder, drug trafficking and gangsterism and eventually received a 17 year term.

Maurice (Mom) Boucher

Walter Stadnick, Denis Houle, Normand Robitaille
He reached statutory release but was forced to return to prison in late February when corrections suspended release after "many irregularities" regarding his movements. The former high-ranking Hells Angels must allow authorities to keep track of his movements if he wants to remain free.

In a decision issued in late April the National Parole board imposed this "special condition" with monitoring required "to protect society".

Contract killer Danny Kane, Normand Robitaille.