Sunday, May 15, 2016

Pokemon, Hells Angels share common enemy - Update

The Hells Angels outlaw motorcycle gang must come up with $50,000 within a month if they want to keep their legal battle against a hipster T-shirt website afloat. On April 22, they told the court they had raised $30,000 from club members, so will have to raise a further $20,000.

In the Federal Court this morning (May 15) Justice Peter Greenwood ordered Browns Plains-based Hells Angels Motorcycle Corporation (Australia) to deposit the cash in a bank account or obtain a bank guarantee for the money. If they can’t come up with the cash, the case will be “stayed”.
What does the hugely popular, cutesy wutesy Japanese card game Pokemon have in common with the tuff and burly bikies of the Hells Angels?

Both groups are suing Australia's ASX hopeful Redbubble, an online sales platform, for allegedly ripping off their respective intellectual property.
Japan's The Pokemon Company International has launched action in the Federal Court in Victoria against Redbubble alleging it has breached its intellectual property by selling products that have images that belong to Pokemon.

From Pikachu, to Bulbasaur, to Clefairy and Eevee, 29 of the hundreds of Pokemon characters have turned up on products available on Redbubble's website.
The Hells Angels outlaw bikie gang meanwhile has passed the hat around its members, raising $30,000 in a bid to keep its lawsuit against the hipster T-shirt website afloat.

Browns Plains-based Hells Angels Motorcycle Corporation (Australia) – declared a criminal organisation by the Queensland Government in 2013 – has sued website Redbubble for breach of intellectual property after its fearsome logo appeared on three T-shirts and one poster purchased from Redbubble in 2014.
The club says it members are 'distressed'. The club points to a $31 T-shirt with the Hells Angels crest on it, a “Hells Angels Maths Club” T-shirt and a “Hells Angels Movie” T-shirt, and a poster of a bikie wearing his colours sitting with a girl.
The club says its “skull” logo is “highly valued by club members” and should only be worn by those who belong.