Saturday, May 14, 2016

Port Dover - Hogtown Canada - 5 ways to spot a HA

Since 1981, every Friday the 13th has seen motorcyclists, first by the dozens and now by the thousands, converge on the little community of Port Dover on the shore of Lake Erie, which in quieter moments lays claim to the world's largest freshwater fishing fleet.
By 8 a.m., organizers were saying the town, population 5,500, had never been so full so early and were predicting a record crowd – with "Born to be Wild" biker cult band Steppenwolf playing an afternoon concert in the park.

"We're figuring on 50,000 bikes and 150,000 people," said PD13 organizing committee president Keith Swarts.
Scowling dentists and sassy receptionists in black leather and bandanas take selfies and act dangerous at the “Mardi Gras for motorcycles.” It’s a chance to buy T-shirts with messages like, “When in doubt, knock ’em out,” and “Harley Chicks Rule.” And “Fuck off. I have enough friends.” A few townspeople would rather the bikers went elsewhere but no one wanted to say so.

Organizers spent $16,000 on porta-potties and paid the local Rotary club $3,000 to park bikes while keeping lanes open for emergency vehicles. Dennis Travale, Simcoe-based mayor of the county, concedes not everyone relishes the day.
1. Real bikers won’t have 'Fonzie jackets'. Outlaw bikers invariably wear vests (cuts) to display their club colours.

2. Only members of outlaw biker clubs wear three-piece patches on their backs, The top rocker displays the name of the club, their club crest and the bottom rocker displays the area they’re from. Members of outlaw bike clubs don’t allow anyone else to copy their colours.

3. Real outlaw bikers only ride Harleys or Buells. Buell is a Harley-Davidson subsidiary. Harley-Davidson is the only bike outlaw bikers recognize.

4. Members of bona-fide outlaw biker clubs have a diamond-shaped crest with “1 %” on the front left side of their vests that signifies they’re part of what they call the one per cent of society who live outside of the law.

5. Real bikers probably aren’t named “Steve Gault.” Steven (Hannibal) Gault, a former Oshawa Hells Angel, is now deep in a witness protection program after receiving more than $1 million for his undercover work with police that helped land his former colleagues behind bars.

That work ended in September 2006 with convictions for drugs, weapons and criminal organization against 21 Ontario Hells Angels and associates.