Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Trial dates set for Leslie Douglas Greenwood

During a May 6 appearance in Kentville Supreme Court, tentative trial dates of Jan. 30 to March 10, 2017, were set. Greenwood will be back in court July 20 for a status report.
Greenwood is charged with the first-degree murders of Barry Kirk Mersereau and Nancy Paula Christensen. The couple was shot to death in their Nova Scotia home in September 2000. The double murder was connected to the Hell’s Angels.

Greenwood was convicted of the murders following a three-week Supreme Court jury trial concluding in May 2012. The convictions were overturned by the Nova Scotia Court of Appeals in September 2014 because of the use of hearsay evidence in the first trial.

Greenwood in 2012
Greenwood is back in Nova Scotia to face charges after a mistrial was declared in Quebec in December. There, he remains charged with the first-degree murders of Kirk Murray and Antonio Onesi in Notre-Dame-de-Grace in 2010, as well as conspiracy to commit murder. The jury was unable to agree on a verdict, leading to the mistrial.

Greenwood's re-trial in Quebec won’t take place until 2018, possibly not until 2020. Robert Simpson, 53, was the man who pulled the trigger in the murders of Kirk Murray and Antonio Onesi, on Jan. 24, 2010, after they had been lured to the parking lot of a McDonald’s restaurant.

Robert Simpson
In the months leading up to the murders, Simpson had been working as a bodyguard for Jeffrey Albert Lynds, a full-patch member of the Hells Angels Nomad chapter based in Ontario.

HA Jeffrey Albert Lynds

Lynds was found dead in his prison cell in the Montreal area in January 2012.

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