Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Another charge for Mountie Dario Devic after Creep Catchers sting

Const. Dario Devic was charged by the RCMP with one count of communicating with a person under the age of 16 for the purpose of sexual interference or sexual touching, and one count of breach of trust related to this duties. The Criminal Justice Branch (CJB) of the Ministry of Justice announced that a charge of luring a child has been approved against Devic as a result of an investigation into conduct that is alleged to have occurred between August 29 and September 7 at or near Surrey. The charge alleges communications during this period between Devic and person he believed to be under the age of 16.

It is an offence to communicate by means of telecommunication with a person who is under the age of 16, or who is believed to be under the age of 16, for the purpose of facilitating sexual conduct.
Two teenagers had been living at the house of a Mountie who became the subject of a Creep Catchers sting. The 14-year-olds had been living in the Mountie's house as home-stay students, but a source said the girls were removed. CTV News has confirmed the identity of a member of the Surrey RCMP who was "caught" in the sting last week, but will not be naming him as charges have not been laid.

The Surrey RCMP officer is the subject of a report to Crown counsel filed over the weekend. The document, called an information, was filed to the Criminal Justice Branch and alleges luring a child by means of telecommunication and breach of trust by a public officer.

Kevin Johnston
A former deputy sheriff from the B.C. Interior has been charged after being targeted in a sting by Creep Catchers. Three counts of communicating with a person believed to be underage for the purpose of facilitating a sexual offence and one count of invitation to sexual touching have been approved against Kevin Johnston. He no longer works for the Sherriff Services.

The arrest happened after a Sept. 7 incident that saw the Surrey Creep Catchers livestream a confrontation with the suspect on facebook. RCMP responded to the incident, which happened at a mall on King George Highway when it began getting traction on social media.

Police immediately launched an investigation, and within a few hours identified the suspect officer. The RCMP have also started an internal Code of Conduct investigation under the RCMP Act. The officer will be removed from duty and the RCMP intends to suspend him.

The video by the 'Creep Catchers' allegedly show the Mountie expecting to meet a 14 year-old girl.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Notorious Chinatown gangster 'Shrimp Boy' gets life in prison

Chow insisted he was innocent and simply a victim of lying prosecutors, a biased judge and incompetent defense attorneys. Raymond 'Shrimp Boy' Chow, 56, has been jailed for life for 162 charges including murder and racketeering, after a massive San Francisco Chinatown corruption case. The case against Chow, who was born in Hong Kong in 1960 before moving to the US as a teen, exposed the underworld in one of the nation's oldest Chinatowns.

Chow ordered the slaying of the head of a Chinese organized crime organization which he then took over. The group had ties to drug trafficking, money laundering and the sale of stolen cigarettes and top-shelf liquor such as Johnny Walker Blue Label and Hennessey XO.
'I not apologize to the victims,' Chow, who used a translator during the trial, said in English. 'I feel sorry for them because they did not get the right guy. I'm not the man they're looking for. That is a total fail in the justice system.' Lead prosecutor William Frentzen stood just a few feet away from Chow, shaking his head.

'This is a man who is a parasite. He lived off of this organization and other people's criminal activities,' the prosecutor said during the sentencing hearing, pointing at Chow. Chow moved to the United States at age 16 and was reportedly nicknamed 'Shrimp Boy' by his grandmother due to his small stature. Chow - who stands at just 5ft 5in tall - became an enforcer for, and later leader of, the Hop Sing Boys.
The probe nailed former California state Senator Leland Yee

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Daniel Richard Wolfe, D-Boy - Indian Posse

Daniel Richard Wolfe, D-Boy, among Winnipeg’s most notorious gangland figures, went out in the end without a whimper, an unlikely fall for the founder of Indian Posse, Canada’s largest street gang.

In 2010 a prison shank meant to intimidate him somehow sliced through a carotid artery. What looked like a nick belied massive internal damage. As Wolfe calmly sipped from a coffee, he collapsed, dead at 33.

Richard Wolfe along with his late brother Daniel co-founded the Indian Posse street gang.
Wolfe had recently returned to federal custody after leading a spectacular prison break in the fall of 2008. He and five others managed to dig a hole through a wall of the crumbling Regina Correctional Centre. That was Wolfe’s third prison escape; while still a boy he’d vaulted a prison fence using a pole from a ceremonial teepee.

Wolfe was a wiry 120 lb. and wore his black hair down his back. He was a sociopath and cold-blooded killer who unleashed a flood of drugs and violence and left a wake of death behind him.

At 12 and 13, Danny Wolfe and his older brother Daniel joined forces with five North End Winnipeg friends to create their own “family,” a gang they named the Indian Posse.

Redd Alert, Indian Posse, Native Syndicate in 2013
The IP saw itself as rebellion against the state, with slogans like “Red ’til dead”.

The IP expanded in recent years to Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Oz Bikini model clueless about Hells Angels cash

Lauren Bryant, 27, of the Gold Coast, a bikini model who dated a Hells Angels drug king-pin has told the Crime and Corruption Commission she doesn't know how $178,690 came to be in her bank account. She did admit that her former boyfriend Vadim Victor Volkov, 33 would give her 'inch-thick' bundles of cash to deposit in a series of bank accounts.

During Vadim Volkov's four-year relationship with the model more than $1M passed through her bank accounts.

When police raided Volkov's home in August 2015 they found $1m in cash and a variety of guns including two semi-automatic rifles.
Volkov has argued all his assets were legally acquired by gambling or inheritance. The state argues Volkov bought his properties with dirty money. Bryant claims she found out about her ex-boyfriend's connection with the Hells Angels only after their relationship ended. Bryant is now a 'life coach'.
Australia. A member of the Hells Angels has allegedly been found with close to $500,000 in cash, with anti-bikie police also seizing drugs, vehicles and weapons parts in an overnight raid. Investigators found $180,000 of cash before finding a further $300,000 in a Gold Coast safety deposit box, Detective Acting Superintendent Brendan Smith said.

On Wednesday afternoon, police announced they had found two automatic assault rifles and another $350,000 in cash in two more safety deposit boxes in Brisbane and Burleigh. The raids centred around the Hells Angels methamphetamines distribution network on the Gold Coast. The 33-year-old arrested man, Vadim Victor Volkov, is expected to make a bail application on Friday after briefly facing Southport Magistrates Court on Wednesday.
http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/queensland/hells-angels-member-arrested-in-drug-raid-20150804-girr52.html http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3511158/Model-bikie-drug-kingpin-ex-boyfriend-says-no-idea-180-000-ended-bank-account.html

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Inside the Hells Angels: The man who broke the East End Chapter

Former police agent Micheal Plante met with Vancouver Sun crime reporter Kim Bolan in late 2012 to tell his story of infiltrating the East End chapter of the Hells Angels and helping police put 12 men behind bars. He did not disclose his new name or residence.

Ronaldo (Ronnie) Lising and Francisco (Chico) Pires
Unemployed, Plante reads about Hells Angels Ronaldo (Ronnie) Lising and Francisco (Chico) Pires getting convicted for selling cocaine at the Marble Arch — the first-ever convictions of full-patch members of the gang in B.C.

Micheal Plante visits Burnaby's Hi-Way Choppers, owned by East End president John Bryce, to buy shirts showing support for the Hells Angels.

John Bryce
Plante works out at Fitness Quest gym and meets people in the Hells Angels program such as John Punko, Ronaldo (Ronnie) Lising and Juel Stanton.

While working as a doorman at the Marble Arch hotel, Plante meets Randy Potts, as well as senior East End member Louie Robinson
Plante assists in transporting methamphetamine being produced by HA prospect Randy Potts, full-patch Ronnie Lising and associate Wissam (Sam) Ayach.

David (Gyrator) Giles calls Plante into the boardroom at the East End clubhouse to make his speech about wanting to be a Hells Angel and Plante earns "official friend" status.

The door of Randy Potts's wife's house is kicked in by police searching for pre-cursor chemicals used to make methamphetamine.

Plante gets a hockey bag, then goes to Potts's mom and step-dad's house to pick up East End arsenal of guns and explosives.

Plante is injured at Brandi's nightclub when a UN gang member, accompanied by leader Clay Roueche, jumps him. HA member Ronaldo (Ronnie) Lising is in the club, but doesn't help Plante.
Jonathan Bryce Jr., a hangaround and son of East End president John Bryce, does cocaine deals with Plante, including in the clubhouse.

Full-patch Damiano Dipopolo holds a party at the Drake and Plante works at it.

Jean Violette tells Plante to go with Bryce Jr. to beat up Glen Louie, a North Vancouver man.

East End clubhouse raided by police July 15, 2005, 18 people charged.
Plante gives testimony in the trial of four full-patch Angels — Randy Potts, Ronnie Lising, John Punko and Jean Violette. They face a range of charges, from extortion, assault to firearms and explosives possession to working for a criminal organization.

Former East End member and Kelowna vice-president David Giles charged in cocaine conspiracy case along with full-patch Bryan Oldham and five associates.

Federal Crown prosecutor stays the final charges in E-Pandora, freeing Plante from further obligations and allowing him to collect the rest of his $1-million payout for his work on the case.

The East End Hells Angels pictured in an undated photo police seized during the raid in July 2005.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Rise and Fall of the Rock Machine MC in Manitoba

In 2008 Manitoba started to become the stomping grounds for the Rock Machine. Rivals of the Hells Angels and infamous after a bloody 8-year biker war in Quebec that ended in 2002, the Rock Machine were expanding into the streets of Winnipeg.

After a number of busts by Winnipeg Police and Manitoba RCMP threw a wrench into the gears of the local Hells Angels, the Rock Machine graciously stepped up and were on the road to becoming the dominant group.

Dale Sweeney
In 2011, things started to boil between the Hells Angels’ puppet club the Redlined Support Crew and the Rock Machine who were engaged in a turf war. In March 2012 Winnipeg police initiative 'Project Flatline' led to the arrest of 11 suspects, including local Hells Angels president Dale Sweeney who received an 11-year prison sentence for cocaine trafficking.

The Rock Machine’s run in Winnipeg was a short one. Manitoba RCMP toppled the club as they were positioning themselves for a bloody take over of the city and province. On Jan. 30, 2013 the RCMP, along with 140 police officers wrapped up a six-month investigation known as 'Project Dilemma'. They raided a number of locations in Winnipeg, seizing a massive bounty of drugs, guns, explosives and biker vests from the Rock Machine, the Vendettas and the Hell Hounds, their puppet clubs.
Police seized 16 pounds of cocaine, half a dozen guns, two pipe bombs, and nine other explosive devices, along with 8 pounds of pot and significant cash.

Four full-patch Rock Machine members and a prospect were arrested, along with associates. The bust was enough to shake the organization to its core. Police used a full-patch member as an informant for a price. That creates a sense of paranoia among gang members.
The investigation revealed most of the drugs were coming from Montreal, a place the Rock Machine feared to tread out of respect for the Hells Angels. The new void in Winnipeg was very quickly filled by street gangs.

See ----->http://gangstersoutt.blogspot.ca/2016/06/reputed-rock-machine-leader-marc-guerin.html